Thursday, 3 July 2008



My name is Katie, and I am your phone sex call girl.

Yes, I'm the girl you call when you are feeling horny, and you need to release. I'm the one you call to confide in with all your fantasies. I'm the one you hear moaning and panting when things start getting hot.

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I'll be posting regularly so make sure you bookmark this site and visit again soon. I will be chatting about extra horny calls I've had, sharing my fantasies that will gurantee to make you nice and hard and will even share some phone lines with you. I'm planning on recording some personal phone lines for you to call as well, so you can hear my voice and start jerking. I love making men come. LOVE it! The thought of you with your stiff cock in your hand wanking it all over me is THE biggest turn on.

Let's get the party started!!

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0909 894 1438